Hey I'm Zhenwei Ma. I'm passionate about translational/clinical research and fundamental mechanobiology study through biomaterials development and interfacing biomaterials with biological systems.

Mechanics | Chemistry | Biomimetics

Materials Mechanics/Chemistry | Biomechanics/Mechanobiology

Tissue Engineering | Clinical Translation

From benchtop to bedside

News and updates

  • Our paper on "controlled tough bioadhesion mediated by ultrasound" is online in Science!!

  • I won the Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award from the Adhesion Society for our latest bioadhesives technology!

  • I won the Peebles Award to attend the 45th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society in San Diego, 2022!

  • I'm the recipient of Relève étoile (Rising Star) Louis-Berlinguet Award of December 2021, awarded by FRQNT!

  • I'm one of the recipient of this year's Baxter Young Investigator Award (2nd tier)!

  • Our paper on "bioinspired tough gel sheath for robust and versatile surface functionalization" was published in Science Advances! This work is featured on the frontpage of Science Advances, and covered by 21 news outlets. I also received an interview by CBC Radio!

  • Our Progress Report on "multifaceted design and emerging applications of tissue adhesives" was published in Advanced Materials!